They say you are what you eat, and I love a carefully made sandwich.

Sandwich 2

“Wait. How do you pronounce your name again?”

Sandwich 4

Looking at design from an engineering perspective, and blushing over my teammates calling me a unicorn.


Empowering my teams with a maximizer attitude and an infinite supply of high-fives.


Leading design with empathy, compassion, and an incredibly childish grin (or so I've heard).

Sandwich 5

Looking for Reddit comments as inspiration for my own sense of humor.

Sandwich 6

Searching for random useless trivia to feed my curiosity.

Sandwich 8

Approaching stories as a way to try something new, always.

Sandwich 2

“It’s pronounced Har-th-ik (‘th’ sound from “the”) but you can also call me Trax.”

Outside of design, I'm currently:


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And listening to:

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